Research Program

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At Atrium Innovations, we believe in investing in research that will allow us to continue to lead the way in developing and providing best-in-class supplements to help address today’s top health concerns.

We are proud to announce a $5 million multi-year commitment, partially supported by governmental agencies, to nutrition research and to our comprehensive program focusing on Metabolic Syndrome, which we are conducting in collaboration with our strategic partner INAF (Institute for Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods), located in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. We have always believed in the importance of research and now we are committed ever more fully with this latest investment.

Research. A firm commitment.

Why this investment in research? The answer is quite simple. We are committed to our healthcare practitioners who look to us for science-based formulations as clinical tools for managing their patients’ care, as well as to health-conscious consumers who demand access to safe, effective nutritional solutions.

We have a duty to ensure that the ingredients in our formulations and products are proven safe and effective through credible, world-class research.

Moreover, as an industry leader, we also believe it is our responsibility to pioneer new research that will help us better understand important health conditions and identify nutritional strategies that can help patients achieve and maintain better health. That is the passion that drives us.