Growth Through Vision

Pierre Fitzgibbon talks about his vision to grow the Atrium brand into the worldwide leader in nutritional health by bringing together best-in-class businesses, science, innovation and manufacturing practices – a vision that is moving the entire health industry forward and promoting the better health of people everywhere.

What do you see for the future of Atrium and the nutritional health industry?

I see a strong future for both Atrium and the nutritional health industry. At Atrium, our ultimate mission is to promote greater health for everyone – it’s key to life, key to our business. As we grow and expand, we are creating new awareness about the science behind nutritional health and are building momentum at every step. This is leading to sustained growth for Atrium and allowing Atrium to be a key participant in the transformation of the nutritional industry as a whole.

How are you achieving this?

We are leading this shift with our ongoing commitment to excellence in science, innovation and manufacturing delivered by our over 800 employees working at Atrium Innovations and at our family of companies with seven facilities worldwide.

Can you elaborate on your vision?

All of our focus is on building a strong brand. Atrium is committed to supporting optimal health through innovative science-based products and services. Atrium owns and develops unique individual brands that are dedicated to the promotion of health and well-being.

To achieve our objectives, we not only offer premium, best-in-class products managed by experienced entrepreneurs, we have a business growth strategy that leverages the vast scientific, R&D, marketing and financial expertise of the Atrium team. We are investing in clinical trials and expanding our distribution channels to serve new markets and ensure product compliance in the more that 35 countries where our product lines are offered.

What is your plan to develop such ambitious growth?

We have a very clear, structured and decisive plan – a vision that is shared by everyone on our team – that involves implementing the following strategies:

  • Delivering top-line organic growth by entering new geographic markets and maximizing cross-selling, while leveraging brand marketing expertise, educating customers, and growing long-term relationships.
  • Leading innovation by developing exclusive formulations based on the latest scientific and clinical research, with the collaboration of 15+ PhDs, MDs, nutritionists and dieticians on staff.
  • Increasing operational efficiencies by optimizing Atrium’s purchasing power to achieve cost savings and ensure best manufacturing practices.
  • Identifying new opportunities for synergy with acquisitions of science-based, professionally recommended brands whose companies have strong entrepreneurial management, good manufacturing practices, and strong financial performance.

Atrium is a young company driven by a vision that brings together industry experts and best-in-class companies recognized for innovation, manufacturing and business excellence, poising Atrium as a veritable growth powerhouse that is leading the future of the industry.