Growth through science & innovation

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Barry Ritz explains how Atrium is working with its strong family of brands and top collaborators around the world to develop and implement strategic growth initiatives that will drive innovation and science in the nutritional health industry.

What role does innovation play in the future of Atrium and the nutritional health industry?

Innovation is the very foundation of our vision for a healthy future and I am proud to be part of a team that is furthering science-based advancements in nutritional health. Through innovation, Atrium, its family of companies, practitioners and their patients, as well as the entire nutritional health industry, will all Grow. In Health.

How you are you achieving this growth?

At Atrium, our world-renowned scientific group innovate every day to develop and evolve our product lines, conducting ongoing clinical research in key areas of nutritional health, from enzymes and probiotics, to single-nutrient supplements and multivitamin formulations.

How do you apply the science and research?

We apply rigorous scientific standards to every stage of product development and manufacturing, ensuring strict quality control by using only the highest-quality ingredients based on our benchtop and clinical trials. Plus, everything we produce at any of our seven manufacturing facilities undergoes independent quality assurance. That is how we guarantee premium quality products. That is how we build the trust of practitioners and their patients, of our partners and investors. That is how we grow through innovation.

What other initiatives have you put in motion to drive more innovation?

We have brought together a team of 15 esteemed Atrium scientists and healthcare practitioners to create ourAtrium Innovation Committee. This exciting think factory is an energy-charged meeting of the minds, where we share our knowledge of the latest technology and science, and find synergies that lead to new, breakthrough innovations in the nutritional health industry – all with a focus on evolving the industry and educating health care practitioners and consumers on our latest findings.

Scientists and PhDs, each member has a unique area of scientific expertise and most are involved with various international associations, including the Council for Responsible Nutrition, American Society for Nutrition, and the International Probiotics Association, to name a few.

What is the impact of the Atrium Innovation Committee's involvement with the larger health and scientific community?

The AIC builds on its internal expertise by drawing from a domestic and international community of prominent researchers and clinicians. Atrium's commitment to science is strengthened through our collaborations with numerous leading institutions, including the Mayo Clinic, Tufts University, Harvard Medical School, and Oregon Health and Science University. Internationally, we have enjoyed productive relationships with the University of Laval (Quebec); University Medical Center, Utrecht (The Netherlands); and the Universities of Düsseldorf, Würzburg, and Meunchen (Germany), to name a few. Atrium has also partnered with leading experts in the field of nutritional medicine, including Jean-Pierre Pelletier, MD (Rheumatology, Montreal), Melina Jampolis, MD (Nutrition, San Francisco), the Cooper Clinic (Dallas), Winfried Miller, MD (Oncology, Germany), Joseph Collins, ND (Endocrinology and Systemic Enzyme Support, Portland, OR), Ger Rijkers, PhD (Immunology, The Netherlands), Mark Swanson, ND (Naturopathic Medicine, Washington State) and many, many more.

With a firm commitment to innovation, I believe it is essential to build an alliance of the most highly regarded health scientists and experts, both from within and outside the Atrium family, to lead the industry and innovate for greater growth and health.