Our history

August Acquisition of Enzimas S.A.
April Acquisition of Robert & Fils
December Acquisition of Seroyal
March Acquisition of Trophic Canada
February Alcrea Health is launched – experts in product design and manufacturing of health products using the art of science and innovation
September Acquisition of Garden of Life
January Acquisition of the Wobenzym® family of products manufacturing facility (EAB)
December Acquisition of Nutri-Health and its family of brands
September Acquisition of the AOV brand (Orthos Europe BV)
May Atrium Innovations divests its Active Ingredients & Specialty Chemicals Division
February Acquisition of Orthica and its family brands (Multicare BV)
July Acquisition of Wobenzym® and its family of brands (Mucos Emulsions GMBH)
June Pierre Fitzgibbon appointed as President and CEO
May Atrium Biotechnologies changes its name to Atrium Innovations
January Acquisition of a liquid-filled capsule manufacturing facility (AquaCap) and its Caplique technology
October Atrium Biotechnologies is spun-off
September Acquisition of Douglas Laboratories Canada
December Acquisition of Douglas Laboratories
March Atrium becomes a publicly-traded company with an Initial Public Offering
March Acquisition of Pure Encapsulations
Two private placements with SGF Soquia Inc. and Fonds de solidarité des travailleurs du Québec (FTQ)
December Atrium Innovations is established as a separate subsidiary of Æterna Zentaris. Both companies where founded by brothers, Eric and Luc Dupont.