Year Founded1983
SpecializationOrthomolecular Health
Distribution ChannelPharmacies, Health Foodstores
Geographic DistributionEurope
Website orthica.nl

The world leader in orthomolecular health and the naturopathic expert’s trusted choice for high-quality, high-dosage, science-based orthomolecular products.

More than a high quality nutritional health brand, Orthica stands for high quality knowledge too. The most extensive range of top-of-the-line, science-based supplements promoted through a platform of knowledge for everyone in the family, Orthica has grown into the leading, #1 trusted nutritional therapy brand in the Netherlands over the past 25 years.

Orthica is the Dutch supplement brand healthcare professionals recommend most. First, because it continues to offer renewed possibilities for better health, with a growing portfolio of over 145 reliable products based on vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, probiotics and other nutrients and substances. Secondly – and just as important – because the Orthica brand is built on a knowledge platform that communicates the science behind its products and nutritional therapy to consumers, general practitioners, healthcare practitioners, dietary specialists, pharmacists, specialized retailers and everyone else in a position to advice on health.

True guidance… for healthy people

We care about enhancing everyone’s quality of life and about offering quality nutritional products.

Drawing on our unique scientific expertise in nutritional therapy, we develop natural health products that people can take on a day-to-day basis to feed the body with optimal quantities of the vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients such as fatty acids and probiotics in order to promote good health and well-being.

That is why we also focus so much energy on providing guidance to general practitioners, dietary specialists and other healthcare specialists on integrating our superior products into their practice, and to pharmacists and other retailers on how to advise consumers on the right formulae for them. Because we believe that knowledge is the key to good health.

Certified manufacturers… for optimal quality

When the time comes to choose a manufacturer for a specific formula, we make sure that we are dealing with the best possible partner with the same high standards of quality excellence that we put into our formula development. That is why we only entrust our production to manufacturing facilities with premium-quality systems that are certified for all EU QA requirements, such as the ISO-based HACCP and BRC. So you can opt for Orthica products with knowledge that you are getting a reliable, quality product.

Getting the word out… for healthy business

Leveraging our marketing excellence, we are passionate about transferring knowledge through effective and informative one-on-one relationship marketing tools targeting:

  • Healthcare professionals (GPs, dietary specialists, naturopathic doctors, etc): training programs, telephone support and information kits so they have the scientific knowledge to guide and recommend the right orthomolecular products for their patients
  • Pharmacists and other specialized, high quality retail outlets: sales materials and information kits so they can answer questions when a customer asks them for advice

What’s more, we have created our unique, independent Foundation Folia Orthica (SFO), which produces a scientific magazine, annual symposium, divers seminars, expert clinics, etc. All focused on sharing and exploring our conviction that “there are still so many possibilities”, that we have only begun to scratch the surface of the health benefits of nutritional therapy.

Taking quality to the people… for healthy brands

Orthica is available in pharmacies, specialized drug stores, natural food shops and vitamin stores, as well as at the offices of healthcare practitioners and therapists. Our Orthica line features more than 145 branded products, including vitamins, minerals, multivitamins, kids’ formulations, antioxidants, probiotics, essential fatty acids, and other specialties, often higher than 100% RDA, but not always – as more is not always better. And you can trust in knowing that Orthica will only offer you doses that are both safe and effective.

Meet Paul Hendrik Hannema, President

Bio to come soon

Contact Orthica

Postbus 10295
1301 AG Almere
The Netherlands
E-Mail : info@orthica.nl
Website : www.orthica.nl


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