BrandNutri Health
Year Founded1987
SpecializationEnzyme Formulas, Pre/Pro Biotic Formulas, Other Specialty Formulas
Distribution ChannelDirect to Consumer
Geographic DistributionNorth America

Quality natural probiotic formulations, digestive enzymes and nutritional supplements scientifically proven to balance digestive and immune health.

The body in balance. That is what we live and breathe at Nutri-Health.

Our passion lies in developing quality natural supplements scientifically proven to balance digestive and immune health.

We started out in probiotics, developing our exclusive, leading-edge Multi-Probiotic® in 1987. We have since expanded our science to offer a full array of probiotoc formulations, digestive enzymes and nutritional supplements under two trusted brands: Nutri-Health®, offered directly to consumers through our Web site, and Sedona Labs®, available in natural health stores and through healthcare professionals.

Our exclusive targeted formulations are designed to help prevent and alleviate some of today’s top health concerns by correcting intestinal flora, enzyme and nutritional imbalances brought on by factors like stress, poor diet, medications, chlorinated water, our toxic environment... So that you can Take Control of Your Health.

The science of the body in balance… for healthy people

Nutri-Health researchers put their science expertise to work every day, combining selected probiotics, enzymes or other natural ingredients to target specific health needs. It’s all about innovating to strike that perfect balance.

From this expertise has come our exclusive Multi-Probiotic® blends, formulated for their effectiveness based on clinical research results, our high-quality, professionally endorsed enzyme formulas and our complete range of premium supplement blends.

We manufacture all our probiotic products on our premises in small batches – with zero outsourcing. That gives us complete control over our production so we know he exact date of birth of our products and can always guarantee the freshest inventory. And, thanks to a proprietary matrix encapsulation process, our probiotics are shelf stable – with no refrigeration required. So people know they can trust the potency of Nutri-Health® to help get their body back in balance.

Our “center of balance”… for optimum product quality

Our research and manufacturing center is located in Cottonwood, in the mountains of northern Arizona, where the clean, dry air makes it one of the best locations in the world for manufacturing probiotic supplements.

Committed to quality excellence, we understand that the effectiveness of our probiotic products depends on the integrity of our processes. That is why we do everything ourselves… formulate, blend, encapsulate, bottle, package, sell, ship… It’s your guarantee of quality, purity and freshness from start to finish.

For ultimate quality assurance, we also have all of our products independently tested. Because an outside opinion is a balanced opinion.

Balanced communication… for healthy brands

Open communication with our customers is the spirit behind our entrepreneurial expertise. Achieving true marketing excellence in direct-to-consumer initiatives, we make it a priority to listen to them and share our knowledge in nutritional health.

Talking to our customers and answering their questions every day gives us insights into what kind of new preventive or therapeutic blends we can develop to help them live a healthier, more balanced life.

Whether through our call center, our Web site(s), our direct marketing, from health stores or healthcare practitioners, we know how to reach out to our customers and let them know that we have a probiotic solution for a wide range of health conditions that they may living with, may have come to accept or want to prevent. We can help people feel better. And that makes us feel great.

Priorities in balance… for a healthy community

Our passion for health is expressed in everything we do – mostly because we know we are helping people. Every day, our customers call us just to tell us about how great they are feeling since they started on a Nutri-Health probiotics and supplements regimen. Keep the calls coming. It’s how we know we’re making a difference.

The entire Nutri-Health® team also has a strong sense of commitment to the world around us and are actively involved in giving back through ongoing fundraising for charitable organizations. It’s an important part of balanced living.

We hold a monthly fundraiser with the local Old Town Mission, which counts on donations of money and goods to provide food, shelter, clothing and essential school supplies to those in need. Over recent years, we have also been involved in fundraisers, canned food drives, teddy bear collections and angel tree drives for other charitable organizations during the holiday season. Truly heartwarming.

On another level, some of our team members are dedicated to personal growth and volunteer in coaching programs to help others become more than they ever thought possible.

We are extremely proud of our employees for all that they do to support those less fortunate and want to thank them for earning us the title of Verde Valley NACOG “Employer of the Year” in 2009.

Healthy planet – for an environment in balance

We are inspired by our local community, where people take healthy living to heart, and we are committed to doing everything possible to reduce our carbon footprint and offer a clean, healthy place for people to work and live.

Some key initiatives include reducing consumption of all packaging materials, especially non-biodegradable ones, and encouraging everyone at our company to make a conscious effort to reduce, reuse and recycle at work and at home.

Perfect balance… for healthy brands

Over twenty years ago, we developed Flora Source®, our Nutri-Health flagship Multi-Probiotic® product, which is still the leading multi-strain probiotic formula on the market today. Why? Because it works. This premium blend of 16 different probiotic strains serves up 16 billion active cells (CFU) per capsule at the time of manufacture. That’s a lot of balance in a bottle.

Our scientific innovations have led to expansions into retail with Sedona Labs and into the professional market with SLPro Our Sedona Labs probiotic and enzyme supplements – available for retail sale in specialty health stores offer all the quality, purity and freshness that our customers know and trust.

A well-balanced plan… for a healthy future

We are focused on innovating new science-based treatment possibilities to address today’s evolving health concerns.

Our approach is simple. We identify a need through our scientific findings and customer input, and then work to develop a formula for that specific condition. That is how we developed our latest exclusive blends of probiotic and enzyme supplements for women, sinus conditions and joint health.

Located in the mountains of northern Arizona, where the clean, dry air makes it one of the best locations in the world for manufacturing probiotics and health supplements, Nutri-Health was founded in 1987 and joined the Atrium Innovations family in 2008.

Meet Tom Callahan, Vice President Sales & Marketing

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260 Justin Drive
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Nutri-Health Customer Care : 1-800-914-6311
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