Garden of Life

BrandGarden of Life
Year Founded2000
SpecializationFormulator, Distributor and Marketer of Nutritional Supplement Products
Distribution ChannelPharmacies, Health Foodstores
Geographic DistributionNorth America

Empowering extraordinary health

We at Garden of Life are passionate about nurturing extraordinary health, proudly pioneering and promoting whole food nutrition for over 10 years. Embraced by founder Jordan Rubin in his personal journey for better health, it has in turn been embraced as our company-wide philosophy. A basic, common-sense approach to supplementation, whole food nutrition is also a lifestyle inspired by tradition and the Earth’s bounty that can help everyone achieve extraordinary health.

For thousands of years, people got nutrition from what they could hunt, forage and grow. We wholeheartedly believe that nutrition should come first and foremost from our food, but in today’s world, that is virtually impossible. Nutrient levels in food are declining at an alarming rate, largely due to industrial farming and processing such as irradiation, chemical preservation, heating and treating food for the market.* So we need to supplement to be healthy.

At Garden of Life, it’s what we don’t do that is important. We use unadulterated, un-denatured whole foods to create our best-in-class, premium quality dietary supplements – supplements that are whole lot closer to what nature intended.

* According to a comparison of USDA food composition tables from the 1960s and 1970s to the present day.

Whole food nutrition… for healthy people

At Garden of Life, we harvest the nutrition of whole foods. Eating whole foods –straight from the garden – is scientifically proven to be the best and most effective way to get higher levels of the proteins, fats, carbohydrates fibers, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients our body needs for proper nourishment and health. Even more so since our bodies are designed to break down foods to glean the nutrition within.

The science of what we don't do… for optimal nutrition

Uncooked, untreated, unadulterated, our supplements deliver nutrients in their un-denatured, whole food form with all the inherent co-factors intact – in harmony with nature’s intention and our body’s design.

We start with highly active, ultra-premium whole food ingredients that contain live probiotics and enzymes and that are scientifically recognized for their health benefits and nutritional values. We never add gluten, soy allergens, dairy, binders or fillers.

Garden of Life also uses organically grown (USDA-certified) food whenever possible. Organic farming is free of synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, reducing the chemical load in our food, on our hands, and in our bodies. A whole lot better for us and the planet.

Since cooking decreases certain aspects of nutrient quality, we never denature our whole food formulations with extreme heat and chemicals. Temperatures are always below 118°F in order to keep the probiotics and enzymes alive, while offering our customers premium product quality and safety.

Our whole food supplements undergo only one ancient process for preservation: fermentation. In addition to being a great method of preservation, fermentation has the proven ability to increase the nutrient value and digestibility of food.

The power of our whole food supplements lies in their simplicity, putting them in a whole category of their own.

Manufacturing integrity… for ultimate quality

Offering consumers natural, as close-to-nature and organic products as possible requires extreme commitment to manufacturing integrity. We simply cannot compromise their goodness and authenticity. That is why we only entrust our product manufacturing to partners with state-of-the-art facilities that not only comply with standard manufacturing practices, but that exceed them – taking quality to a whole other level.

Empowering our consumers… for a healthy business

Our approach to health is really quite basic and instinctive. We believe in the simplicity and goodness of nature in its most original form possible. It is a philosophy that extends beyond nutrition to encompass a lifestyle that sustains the individual, the community and the Earth with our seven keys to health and wellness:

  • eat to live
  • supplement your diet with whole food nutrition
  • remove toxins from your environment
  • practice advanced hygiene
  • exercise
  • practice mindfullness
  • practice the art of forgiveness

Inspired by our founder Jordan Rubin’s personal search for ways to overcome his illness and enjoy a lifetime of wholesome living, we invite consumers to join us in nurturing and achieving extraordinary health. Our commitment to eating more natural and our efforts to share our knowledge of this lifestyle has grown Garden of Life into a strong and vibrant company known for innovative, best-in-class whole food nutrition and thought leadership.

We are proud of the time and energy we spend on educating and sharing what we learn every day in the exciting field of nutritional health. Jordan Rubin and the Garden of Life team of highly trained educators are in the field, visiting retail health food stores to give talks and seminars to retailers, who then share that information with their customers.

We also provide customers with comprehensive, detailed educational materials in retail stores, as well as on our Garden of Life website.

As a result of our commitment to quality and education, Garden of Life has nurtured a robust distribution network to thousands of natural health retail stores across North America.

Giving back… for a healthy community

We are proud to partner with organizations and foundations devoted to improving people's lives, including Vitamin Angels, the National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease and the National Parkinson Foundation, in addition to supporting fair trade and organic farming.

We also respect and honor the Earth. Garden of Life was founded on the principle of personal health, embracing it in a broader sense with our commitment to the renewability and sustainability of our products and our business.

For example, we now power our company headquarters and distribution center with 100% renewable wind power, certified by the watchdog group Green-E, and encourage our key retailers to do likewise. We are also serious about recycling, reducing our use of non-renewable materials and conserving energy – all of which are an integral part of our educational efforts.

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