Year founded1987
SpecializationOrthomolecular Health
Distribution channelHealthcare Practitioner
Geographic distributionEurope

The world leader in orthomolecular health and the naturopathic expert’s trusted choice for high-quality, high-dosage, science-based orthomolecular products.

As the leading, state-of-the-art orthomolecular brand in the Netherlands for over 20 years, AOV is the naturopathic expert’s trusted choice for pure and natural, high-quality, high-dosage orthomolecular products that are proven effective. It’s the natural choice for naturopathic experts.

Natural science… for healthy people

AOV was and still is one of the pioneers of this groundbreaking science. AOV continues to expand and share its science expertise through advanced educational initiatives targeting specialists in this fascinating, highly complex field of orthomolecular health.

The word “orthomolecular”, introduced in 1968 by the late Professor Linus Pauling, twice winner of the Nobel prize, comes from the words “ortho”, meaning "good" or "proper", and “molecular”, meaning "composition of molecules".

Orthomolecular medicine therefore refers to the prevention and treatment of disease by delivering optimal amounts of safe substances intrinsically found in the body, such as vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients, to help promote good health and restore pathological processes without the side effects that are often associated with conventional pharmaceutical therapies.

It is highly individualized therapy, not a one-dosage-fits-all prescription. In short, naturally occurring substances for naturally better health.

Natural partners… for optimal quality

We are the experts in developing natural, state-of-the-art orthomolecular health products. That is our strength and that is where we focus our energy.

When it comes to manufacturing, we source the purest, most natural ingredients available and we partner with the best, certified manufacturer for specific formulations and products, rigorously auditing each one for quality excellence. So when a patient buys the AOV product recommended by their orthomolecular expert, they know every bottle meets our high standards of purity and potency.

Natural educators… for healthy business

AOV was founded on a vision and built from the ground up after the introduction of orthomolecular medicine to the Dutch in 1987.

For 20 years, AOV has continued to grow thanks to its keen entrepreneurial expertise that focuses on providing CAM professionals (complementary and alternative medicine) with advanced education in this highly specialized field of orthomolecular natural therapy. Much of this support is made possible through AOV’s “Foundation of Orthomolecular Education” (SEO), which offers a comprehensive education and training program, workshops and a helpdesk for professionals.

AOV is dedicated to building relationships of trust with CAM professionals, working closely with them on an individual level to develop orthomolecular solutions for their patients. Because a personalized approach to optimal health comes quite naturally to us.

Natural selection… for a healthy brand

AOV is the orthomolecular specialist’s definitive, most comprehensive line of pure, natural products. We have developed approx 200 highly targeted natural, therapeutic orthomolecular health formulations that provide cells – the body’s fundamental building blocks – with optimal quantities of all vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients. So naturopathic practitioners can recommend patients with wide-ranging health concerns AOV, for a natural way to better health.

Meet Paul Hendrik Hannema, President

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