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Year Founded1955
SpecializationCustom Formulations
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Product design and manufacturing experts who work hand in hand with clients to create superior, well-crafted health products.

Behind every great brand is a great idea. A great product. And an even greater collaborator. We are that collaborator.

At Alcrea Health, we are the behind-the-scenes expert in product design and manufacturing, the think factory that uses the art of science and innovation to turn an entrepreneur’s vision into a viable health product.

Whether a marketer of existing brands or a visionary with an incredible idea… we work together with our clients to create great, well-crafted health products that they can proudly take to market. Products that let them hit the ground running.

Hand in hand with science… for healthy people

How do you know a health product is a quality health product? It is formulated with quality ingredients. How do you know they are quality ingredients? They are carefully selected, sourced from credible suppliers and are scientifically tested for effectiveness.

We insist on creating top-quality products for our clients. That is why we do more than mix and package ingredients. We put our science expertise to work for our clients. In fact, science is what drives us.

Our vastly specialized team of scientists, including several on-staff PhDs, innovate, research and develop formulations using the very best ingredients available, ingredients that are scientifically supported to have the health benefits our clients – and their consumers – want.

After all, isn’t the goal to make a health product that complements traditional medicine and allows people to be more healthy? It certainly is for Alcrea Health.

Hand in hand with high standards… for unparalleled quality

We are 100% committed to quality excellence. Everything we produce is manufactured according to the latest GMP standards and we support our clients in the compliance process. The truth be told, we actually stay one step ahead of the industry with our outstanding quality assurance and our state-of-the art labs that are certified to the highest international standards… and the list goes on…

We are very proud of our facilities. Alcrea Health boasts 3 full-service manufacturing sites (and counting) – one in Philadelphia, one in Quebec City and one in Pittsburgh – with specialized teams offering expertise in 5 galenic (dosing and delivery) forms: capsules, liquid capsules, liquids, tablets and powders. Able to accommodate a full range of orders from small to large batches, they have a combined manufacturing capacity of over 200 million dosage forms per month.

Each of our facilities has the capacity to:

  • Develop and test formulas
  • Determine the best delivery format – capsule, liquid, tablet or powder
  • Define label information to assist with compliance with appropriate regulations
  • Deliver full production, including manufacturing, filling or bottling, as well as bulk orders and turnkey solutions
  • Distribute and ship – and can even complete logistics for you

So whatever the phase of development, whatever the product specifications, whatever the order size, Alcrea Health goes beyond the expected to make it all happen.

Hand-in-hand collaboration… for a healthy business

We are not your average contract manufacturer. We are a resource, true collaborators who put our heart and soul – as well as our entrepreneurial expertise – into every project. What’s more, our clients trust us. We work better, smarter, faster so our clients can get their brands to market quickly.

Plus, we are agile, responsive. Our clients come to us with all sorts of exciting challenges, like: “We have an existing product line. Can you evaluate our portfolio and update it? Tweak it?” Or “We have an idea for a new product line. What products should we put on the market first? How should we plan our product line for the future? Is the timing right?

Working side by side with our clients, we study their market and offer them our expert opinion based on insights into consumers trends and future needs.

Then, it’s on to the development phase. We design, craft, and manufacture the best products for their business – and we back it up with our true science expertise. The right formulations for the right products, delivered in the right forms, at the right time.

And what are our clients doing while we do all this?

They are building their brand, focusing on their marketing. Proving that you don’t have to be an expert in product management or manufacturing to succeed. Together, we have what it takes.

Hand in hand with major players… for healthy brands

We’re a silent but powerful force with undeniable marketing excellence. We lend our science, manufacturing and entrepreneurial expertise to many major brands. They are brands you know, brands you may even use every day. And they have chosen us to be their trusted collaborator because of the quality products and services we provide. Suffice it to say that they’re happy and successful, and so are we, as we share in the growth.

Hand in hand with a mission… for a healthy community

We are passionate about the art of innovation and science. The art of knowing how to develop products and product lines that are well-timed with the market needs and trends, and that best fit our clients’ brands. The art of using our unparalleled science expertise to develop the right formulations for our clients and their consumers. The art that has earned us acclaim and respect in the industry.

Why so passionate? Because we have made it our mission to help advance the health of our community and our industry.

Hand in hand, together… for healthy brands

Individually, each Alcrea team has developed groundbreaking products and processes. Combined, they are a powerful force, the perfect collaborator with the products, technology and know-how to turn an entrepreneur’s idea into a profitable business.

Liquid Capsules
At our plant just outside Philadelphia, we produce our industry-leading two-piece liquid-filled Capliques TM. A proprietary AquaCap technology developed for the pharmaceutical industry in 1998, it features dependable band sealing technology to allow for product branding. It’s really quite clever.

With more than 15 years of experience in liquid manufacturing, our Canadian team at our Quebec facility has developed expertise in health and nutrition finished products, such as energy drinks, vitamin and mineral supplements, as well as fish oil, marine liquid cartilage extracts and protein extract.

Tablets, Capsules, and Powders
With over 55 years in the business, our Pittsburgh team can create tablets in various sizes and shapes with tablet imprinting, as well as capsules and powders, all manufactured according to GMP standards with our own industry-leading processes at our state-of-the-art facilities.

Innovating hand in hand… for a healthy future

Given the very nature of what we do, we are always innovating – innovating every time we develop new products for our individual clients, innovating to expand and refine our own product lines.

At our Philadelphia site, for example, we recently introduced our latest capsule-in-capsule technology that lets us put a floating pearl inside a liquid-filled transparent capsule. This 2-phase delivery system is really original, fresh, and opens up possibilities for new product ideas. Pretty cool, and effective too.

With industry-leading expertise in flavoring, our Canadian facility is making the health-food market more… palatable… for everyone by introducing exciting new taste-test-approved flavor combinations for today’s product trends.

Anyone looking for clever packaging ideas would be interested in the innovative ideas coming out of our Pittsburgh facility. For example, they have developed a smart daily supplement system with morning and evening doses as needed, to help consumers stay committed to their sometimes complex supplement regimen.

Meet Anthony M. Wasson, EVP, Sales & Marketing

In addition to driving the Sales and Marketing operations of Douglas Labs, Tony heads up the newly formed Atrium company Alcrea, offering key clients his valuable industry expertise and capabilities to create viable products they can proudly take to market.

Tony was running the sales department of a major commercial company when his long-time friend Douglas Lioon of Douglas Laboratories approached him in 2002 to help build his company’s sales and marketing operations. Ready to take on new challenges, Tony saw the offer as a rewarding career opportunity.

Executive Vice-President, Sales & Marketing of Douglas Labs, Tony has built and continues to oversee the company’s field sales force, customer service, marketing and graphics departments and the management team to keep it all running smoothly. Organized, structured and responsive with a big-picture view of business, Tony particularly enjoys creating relations with complex, national accounts – like the ones that fall under Atrium’s Alcrea Health banner – and supervises four KAM (key account management) offices located in different parts of the USA.

Literally learning something new every day, Tony is excited by the future of science-based nutritional health, especially as part of the Atrium family. With access to sophisticated facilities and the high level of intelligence that the member scientists, PhDs and manufacturing gurus bring to the table, ideas are turned into reality.

Taking the business in new directions is just one way Tony gets his adrenaline pumping. Another way? Working out and watching his three sons – all gifted students and athletes – perform and grow up happy and healthy.


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