Healthy Business

Through entrepreneurship

Healthy ventures in growth companies

The founders and leaders of each Atrium brand have undeniable entrepreneurial spirit and drive, starting out with a vision and turning their respective proprietary technologies, formulations or processes into great success stories. As part of the Atrium family, the leaders of these brands now benefit from additional business know-how and support as they move into a new phase of growth.

Health is our business. Our business is healthy.

It is one thing to have a great product. It is quite another to get it into the hands of consumers. Every brand is highly successful thanks to the brand team’s marketing excellence, keen understanding of its respective niche markets and savvy to deliver the products or services they need, when they need them. It all boils down to the right people managing the right products and services with the right distribution channels, insights and ability to anticipate client needs in this exciting and vibrant industry. That is how real growth and longevity are created.