Barry W. Ritz, P.h.D.
Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, Professional R&D and Regulatory

Barry is Chief Scientific Officer and VP, Professional R&D and Regulatory Affairs for Atrium Innovations. Passionate about all things health & nutrition, Barry has been with Atrium for nine years and oversees clinical trials globally, as well as product development and regulatory affairs for the professional brands across North America.

An independent researcher and respected authority on nutrition science, Barry analyzes the validity of all the latest scientific research and leads an innovative team of Atrium scientists and nutritionists to leverage the most exciting findings to further the company’s growth. First and foremost an academic and all-around great guy, Barry has been involved in the nutritional supplement industry since 1999 and is driven to promote the benefits of science-based nutritional health to healthcare professionals. A PhD in the growing field of nutritional immunology who has conducted extensive research on how nutrition can influence immune function and healthy aging, Barry is committed to nutrition as the foundation of health and the future of medicine.

As an industry expert on scientific and regulatory affairs, Barry is also involved in a number of professional organizations, and serves on the Council for Responsible Nutrition’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors. As an academic researcher, Barry studied the influence of age and nutritional status on the immune response. He has had numerous publications in scientific journals and texts and has presented his work at national and international meetings. Barry now drives Atrium’s clinical trials program and strategic partnerships with top universities.

Barry lives in Kennett Square, PA, with his wife, a medical doctor specializing in functional medicine, and their two beautiful daughters.